Their personalities are immortal;

Their eyes are hiding behind broken lights and empty windows...

They are looking at us

Through the depth of Time

And invite us to touch the Eternity...

Do you know that sudden feeling of presence of Personality when you look at an old abandoned artifact? Had you find yourself mesmerized by that intangible but definite aura of Conscious Presence around that object despite all the superficially obvious decay? Weren't you left speechless observing this deep split between the apparent and the internally perceived images? "Portraits of Shadows" series is inspired by this mystery.


Images were captured, as a rule, on black and white medium format film (6x7 cm) and developed as B&W slides.

The choice of the medium for the initial capture was driven by unique character of image rendering given by particular lenses combined with size of the initial image.

Scanned slides (~100 Mp files at 16-bit tonal depth) were processed digitally, that included mapping of tones onto a pseudocolor space custom designed for the Portraits of Shadows.

Association-wise, this pseudocolor pattern has a bit of rust, a bit of copper and a bit of discoloration found in a poorly remembered dream... It was pre-visualized in this exact form and subsequently modeled digitally.

Prints are made on German museum-quality archival fine art paper with truly archive-level pigments possessing estimated light fastness of 100+ years.

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Open: 8 am - 8 pm
Sept-Oct. 2012

Sept 29, 1-3 pm

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